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Serum with vitamin C - how to apply and what effects it gives?

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Serum with vitamin C is one of the pillars of skin care of all ages. The effects of its use will be appreciated by 20-year-olds struggling with acne spots, as well as mature women struggling with wrinkles. Check how to use serum with vitamin C and what to do when choosing a specific product.

Serum with vitamin C is a cosmetic with versatile effect on the skin, which is definitely worth considering in your daily care ritual. The use of serum with vitamin C brings very good results, which can be seen almost immediately after application - it is, among others, brightening and improving skin tone. If we show patience and regularity, we will certainly appreciate the long-term effects of vitamin C treatment, which mainly include delaying aging processes.

Subject of this article:

    - How does the serum with vitamin C work?
    - Which serum with vitamin C to choose?
    - How to use serum with vitamin C?

    How does the serum with vitamin C work?

    Its beneficial effect is due to the presence of the main ingredient: vitamin C. It is an active substance with a well-known and confirmed effect on the skin, hence it can be found in the composition of many creams, masks and tonics. However, in the serum it occurs in a much higher concentration, which determines the unique properties of this form of cosmetic.

    Benefits of serum with vitamin C can be summarised in a few points:

      - Illumination of the skin - as it is known, vitamin C brightens, so the skin almost immediately after application gets a better color (which can be seen especially on dull, tired skin).
      - Reducing discoloration - both those caused by solar radiation and acne lesions. This effect, however, can be observed after about a month of treatment.
      - Shallow wrinkles - the vitamin C present in the serum increases the synthesis of collagen and thus helps to fight visible signs of aging.
      - Anti-aging protection - is associated with the antioxidant properties of vitamin C, which fights free radicals and strengthens sun protection.

      Which serum with vitamin C to choose?

      Vitamin C can be found in cosmetics in 3 different forms. Choosing the right one depends on the effects we want to achieve, as well as the type of our complexion.

      1. Serum with L-ascorbic acid.

      Characteristics: Vitamin C occurring as L-ascorbic acid is the most popular form of this substance used in cosmetics. It belongs to PHA acids, which - although they are considered delicate - may irritate sensitive skin. At higher concentrations (above 20%), L-ascorbic acid has exfoliating properties. Usually a serum with this type of vitamin. C is in watery form.

      Advantages: the cheapest, most affordable form of vitamin C, gives the fastest results of use.

      Disadvantages: vitamin in this form quickly decomposes under the influence of temperature, light, inadequate pH, etc. Serum with L-ascorbic acid will therefore have a very short expiration date - only 3-4 months from the date of production. After this time, it loses all its properties. Therefore, when buying a ready-made serum with vitamin C in the store, we can not be sure if it will show a beneficial effect (because, for example, it could have spent a long time on the shelf in the warehouse). Another disadvantage of the L-ascorbic acid serum is the risk of irritation in people with particularly sensitive skin, eg vascular skin.

      What concentration: for the serum to be effective, look for one with at least 15% Ascrobic Acid (maximum 30%).

      2. Serum with vitamin C in the form of an oil.

      Characteristics: Vitamin C in this form is soluble in oils, which is why the serum will have an oily consistency. It does not work as quickly and intensely on the skin as L-ascorbic acid, but with patient use it gives equally good results.

      Advantages: does not cause irritation and is suitable even for very sensitive skin. This form is more stable than ascorbic acid, has a long shelf life (several months). Due to the consistency similar to human sebum it easily penetrates the skin. It shows healing effects in people with acne problems.

      Disadvantages: it works slower, it is harder to access and a little more expensive than the Ascorbic Acid serum.

      What concentration: 3-10% is a sufficient concentration for this form of vitamin C to effectively affect the skin.

      3. Serum with ethylated ascorbic acid.

      Characteristics: The latest stable form of vitamin C developed by scientists, which is soluble in water (the serum with Ethyl Ascorbic Acid will therefore have a watery consistency).

      Advantages: serum with vitamin C in this form for a long time retains its properties (6-12 months), easily penetrates the skin, suitable for all skin types, does not tweaks, does not cause irritation.

      Disadvantages: this is the most expensive vitamin C derivative on the market, especially when compared to ascorbic acid. I need more time to work.

      What concentration: look for a serum with a content of minimum 10% Ethyl Ascorbic Acid.

      How to use serum with vitamin C?

      Serum with vitamin C is worth a permanent inclusion in your caring ritual and used every day, regardless of the season. Do not be afraid that vitamin C will sensitize the skin to the sun - on the contrary, this substance supports the action of sunscreens contained in creams. Thus, it enhances protection against harmful UVA and UVB radiation, which contributes to premature aging. We can therefore apply serum with vitamin C once a day in the morning (or in the evening) without worry.

      When deciding on the morning application, it is best to use the following sequence of steps:

      1. Clean the skin with a micellar liquid or wash with water and a delicate cleansing gel.
      2. Toning using a tonic or hydrolate selected for the needs of the skin.
      3. When the skin is still moist, apply a light serum with vitamin C.
      4. After absorbing the serum, apply a moisturising cream with a filter.
      5. Makeup.

      In case of the application of vitamin C serum for the night, we also apply them after the toning stage, but before applying creams or nourishing oils.

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