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10 tips on how to use hyaluronic acid

how to use hyaluronic acid serum hyaluronic acid hyaluronic acid serum

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is an extremely universal, biocompatible and effective ingredient. It is multifunctional and fully safe. You can use it as an addition to your favorite cream, eye serum or hair mask. Wondering how best to apply it in your care? Discover a few ways to use this valuable substance that will allow you to get the most out of it!

1. As an independent humidifier.

Hyaluronic acid can be used alone. Pure hyaluronic acid powder in combination with distilled water or hydrolate creates a gel with a wide cosmetic application. Hyaluronic gel should be applied to wet skin, eg face, neck and cleavage. Before applying the gel, you can spray the skin with a hydrolate. When used directly, it is possible to feel a light film on the surface of the skin.

2. Serum under the cream.

Hyaluronic acid applied before the application of the cream acts as an express lifting - it tightens the skin, smoothes fine wrinkles and unevenness. Due to its hygroscopic properties, it can maintain hydration in the skin. It also perfectly prepares the skin for the use of active substances from cream. Apply a few drops of pure hyaluronic gel on dry, cleansed face, then apply cream or natural oil. Apply this treatment in the morning and evening.

3. Lifting serum under the eyes.

Thanks to the skin tightening properties, hyaluronic acid is perfect as a lifting serum under the eyes. It smoothes fine wrinkles and covers the skin with a delicate protective film. It is safe to use around the eyes, because it is a physiological substance, naturally occurring also in the eye. In the role of a lifting product you can apply HA also to the neck and cleavage.

4. Addition to the cream.

You can also combine hyaluronic acid with your favorite cream - it is best to mix a portion of cream and a few drops of HA on your hand, just before applying to your face. Hyaluronic acid will complement and strengthen the effect of the cream. It will improve the penetration of active substances, increase hydration and smooth the skin. It is a good way to use creams too fat and heavy - HA will give them a lighter, more silky consistency.

5. Additive to facial lotion.

Hyaluronic acid added to the tonic will increase its moisturizing properties, improve the action of active ingredients and give a pleasant, silky consistency. The tonic with the addition of HA will work even more effectively, leaving the skin smooth, soft and moisturized. You can add up to 10-20% of hyaluronic gel to a tonic bottle. After adding HA, shake the bottle and use the tonic as usual.

6. Oil face serum.

Hyaluronic gel combined with pure vegetable oil is one of the best and completely natural moisturizing and nourishing treatments. The combination of hygroscopic hyaluronic acid and oil, which is an emollient (creates a protective film on the skin) provides deep moisturizing and smoothing the skin. Mix a few drops of HA and a selected oil (eg argan, almond, avocado or jojoba) in the hollow of the hand and apply to the cleansed face.

7. Serum for dry, split ends of hair.

A blend of oil and hyaluronic acid (similar to the one in the previous section) is also perfect as a smoothing and moisturizing agent for hair tips. This serum will soften the dry tips and protect them from mechanical damage. Mix a few drops of oil and HA in the hollow of the hand and apply to the dry or moist ends of the hair. Such a specific can be successfully replaced with a "silk serum" for the ends of hair, because it does not contain aggravating silicones.

8. Additive to shampoos, conditioners, hair masks.

Hair will love hyaluronic acid added to shampoos or conditioners. Significantly strengthens the nurturing properties of these cosmetics, give the effect of smooth and slippery hair. When added to shampoo, it will reduce the drying effect of detergents and in the conditioner will help deeply moisturize and nourish the hair, fill the defects in their structure and give them a deep glow. Add a portion of hyaluronic gel to the shampoo or conditioner just before use, mix in the hollow of the hand and use the product as usual.

9. Moisturizing Serum for the scalp.

There is probably no better way for a sensitive and dry scalp than hyaluronic acid. It is an excellent soothing agent when the scalp is irritated by the sun, strong shampoos or hairdressing treatments such as dyeing, bleaching or drying with hot air. HA will soothe and moisturize the scalp and will strengthen the hair roots. In addition, it will not burden hairstyles, or even slightly lift the hair at the base. Apply the hyaluronic gel directly to the scalp with your fingers or using a dispenser bottle.

10. Additive for clay masks.

You can use hyaluronic gel instead of water during the preparation of clay masks. Thanks to this, the mask will have a more pleasant, creamy consistency and will also work more effectively - HA will strengthen the effectiveness of substances contained in clay, and moisturize the skin.

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